NYF Advertising Awards Taps Craig Elimeliah, CCO of Lippe Taylor to Chair “The Future Now” Executive Jury Panel

NYF Advertising Awards Taps Craig Elimeliah, CCO of Lippe Taylor to Chair “The Future Now” Executive Jury Panel

Craig Elimeliah Leads World-Class Jury of Top Technologists; Latest Episode of NYF’s Content Series “Creativity From The Other Side” Features Craig Elimeliah

New York, NY – March 9, 2023:  New York Festivals® Advertising Awards announced technology futurist and thought-leader Craig Elimeliah, CCO of Lippe Taylor as Chairman of “The Future Now” Executive Jury.

As Chair of the future-forward category group, Craig Elimeliah will lead the Executive Jury panel populated with cutting-edge trailblazers who will collectively and thoughtfully review the game-changing entries within “The Future Now” categories.

“We’re thrilled that this highly respected executive known for his technological foresight and ability to unlock growth through innovation will Chair “The Future Now” jury panel,” said Scott Rose, President, New York Festivals Advertising Awards Competitions. “Craig’s leadership ensures that inventive campaigns that creatively employ emerging technology effectively are recognized and awarded.”

“As I step into the role of Chair for the future-forward Executive Jury of the New York Festivals, I am humbled and elated. It is a rare opportunity to witness and recognize the best of the best in future-forward creativity, and I cannot wait to lead this group of industry experts towards that goal.

For me, creativity and innovation are not just about flashy campaigns or disruptive technologies. They must be grounded in a deep understanding of human behavior, culture, and business challenges. It is only then that we can apply innovation and creativity that are both familiar and differentiated, speaking to the hearts and minds of consumers in a way that is truly meaningful.

At the same time, we cannot forget the importance of earning trust through frictionless experiences. In today’s world, attention is scarce, and consumers are more discerning than ever. We must strive to create human centered experiences that earn consumer’s attention and trust, putting their needs first and foremost.

So, let us celebrate the power of creativity and innovation, not just for their own sake, but for the good of humanity. I am honored to be part of this journey, and I cannot wait to see the amazing ideas and solutions that this year’s festival will showcase,” said Craig Elimeliah, CCO, Lippe Taylor.

Craig Elimeliah brings nearly two decades of industry experience and an unrivaled passion for culture, technology, science, and data to “The Future Now” judge’s table.

As Chief Creative Officer at Lippe Taylor, Craig leads multi-talented teams with a vision to tackle complex challenges head-on, through the art of culture, design, and creativity and how they merge with creativity, craftsmanship, and storytelling.

With a focus on the future, he seamlessly blends new and unconventional approaches to connect brands with customers, resulting in captivating experiences that redefine categories, embed culture, and disrupt the status quo.

David Sable, host of NYF’s flagship content series “Creativity From The Other Side” sat down with Craig Elimeliah for an insightful discussion about his new leadership role at Lippe Taylor, exploring creativity at speed, teaching clients to embrace new technologies, orchestrating creative elements, and staying ahead of the curve, and more. View the riveting episode: HERE.

The 2023 NYF Advertising Awards Executive Jury and Grand Jury panel selection process is in progress.

The early bird deadline to enter the 2023 New York Festivals Advertising Awards is March 10, 2023. For more information on categories, rules and regulations, visit HERE. To enter your work into the 2023 Advertising Awards, visit HERE.

The New York Festivals Advertising Awards competition receives entries from more than 60 countries worldwide and is judged by an international jury of more than 400+ members of NYF’s Executive Jury and Grand Jury. NYF’s jury panels collectively cast their votes to select the year’s trophy-winning work.

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