ADFEST is delighted to announce that Isobar will mentor next year’s Young Lotus teams at ADFEST 2020, the first time a digital experience agency has partnered with the event. Ronald Ng, Isobar’s Global Chief Creative Officer, will Chair the Workshop, which runs from 16th to 18th March in Pattaya, Thailand with the theme ‘Firestarter Creatives Wanted’.

Young Lotus is one of the industry’s longest-running mentoring programs for ambitious young creative teams from the Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa regions. Open to advertising professionals aged 30 and under, with teams selected by local representatives in markets across the region, it involves talks, mentoring and workshops and a live “brief” – with just 24 hours to meet the deadline.

Isobar’s Global Chief Creative Officer Ronald Ng says, “For the first time, a digital network packed with Creative Experience experts will lead the ADFEST Young Lotus program. Isobar’s pioneering creative teams will be working with Firestarter Creatives who will learn how to make experiences that transform brands and culture through the creative use of digital. “

Isobar’s mentors include: Chris Chen, Chief Creative Officer at Isobar China, Vicky Wang, Executive Creative Director at Isobar China, Katheryn Lui, Head of Isobar Consulting Practice, Isobar Hong Kong and Emmanuel Flores Elias, Chief Business Transformation Officer, Japan.

“Our goal is to help young creatives realise their ideas have the power to ignite change, innovate new worlds, disrupt the status quo, and spread like wildfire. They are the future – the next generation of creatives who have unlimited potential to create what has never been seen before,” says Ng, who leads creative across Isobar’s 85 offices and is based in New York.

Isobar is a global agency that delivers experience-led transformation, powered by creativity, for clients including Coca-Cola, adidas, Enterprise, P&G, Philips and Huawei.

Jimmy Lam, President of ADFEST, says: “This is an incredible opportunity for young creatives to expand their thinking, learn from digitally-focused creative leaders like Ronald Ng and his team and potentially have their moment to shine on the ADFEST stage – we look forward to welcoming next year’s teams.”

After responding to Isobar’s brief, the top Young Lotus finalist teams will present their work on stage during ADFEST 2020. The winning team and Popular Vote winner will be revealed at the ADFEST 2020 Lotus Awards.

If you are interested in taking part in the Young Lotus Workshop, contact ADFEST 2020 takes place 18th – 21st March at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group, Pattaya, Thailand.

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