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Mission, Vision of Citi Institutional Consulting

Mission, Vision of Citi

A passion for client service

Citi Institutional Consulting places as paramount the importance of delivering objective advisory solutions to our clients. This commitment is reinforced in all aspects of our business and is defined by our mission, vision and core values:

  • Mission. Our mission is to help set the industry standard in investment-consulting services for sophisticated investors. Our investment-consulting teams provide full-service consulting advice—solutions that are tailored to each client’s individual needs.
  • Vision. We believe that excellence in consulting requires client advocacy and stewardship, a passion for leading-edge investment solutions and the delivery of experienced consulting services in a way that helps us exceed our clients’ expectations every day.
  • Core Values. Our core values encompass a commitment to complete objectivity and transparency in all areas of our investment advice. Our advice is managed—in all aspects and at all times—by the same team that originally provided your customized solutions.

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