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Toys"R"Us, Inc. Corporate Vision

“R” Commitments

To fulfill our mission, achieve organizational success, drive growth over the long-term, and help our constituents reach their goals, Toys“R”Us, Inc. focuses on creating the right environment to deliver results for our employees, customers, shareholders and community.  The company’s commitments are as follows:

  • “R” Team – growing and developing our employees by cultivating a great place to work culture that fosters teamwork and collaboration, is based on trust and respect, draws on the diverse perspectives and experiences of our employees and encourages inclusion
  • “R” Customers – achieving customer satisfaction by delivering a quality experience for our customers each time they shop with us.  We do this by creating a one-stop shopping destination with a unique and trend-right merchandise mix, friendly and helpful services, rewards for loyalty, knowledgeable sales associates and offering hot products, in-stock when parents want them.
  • “R” Shareholders – achieving consistent, reliable performance for our shareholders
  • “R” Community – maintaining and enhancing our position as a good corporate citizen by being a safe, caring and reputable neighbor in the communities we serve

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