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Giao lưu cùng chủ tịch New York Festival

What is the next frontier for advertising shows and how do you plan to steer NYF into the future?

I think more importantly, the question is “what’s the next frontier for advertising?”  Because that’s where we’ll be.  For us, the industry determines the makeup of our competition.  From competitions to categories, we mirror the emerging trends within the industry and readily adapt to what is going to make the most sense in terms of “awards”.

How has NYF evolved in the past 4 plus years since you’ve been at the helm?

New York Festivals has been around since 1957, so there is a rich history already established. However, Jimmy Smyth, NYF’s CEO, and I also realized that change needed to happen.  So we dissected the competition from top to bottom, improving every aspect of the brand.  We’ve pioneered the first ever two tier judging system which combines a Grand Jury that judges online to develop the shortlist, and the Executive Jury, consisting of 30 Chief Creative Officers who convene in NYC each year to hold live judging sessions, determining the medalist, grand and World’s Best Idea Award.  Changes like this allow us to remain relevant and dedicated to setting a creative standard in the industry.

What was the rational for launching the first ever Live Executive Jury in 2011 and how did you enlist such an impressive group of international CCO’s?  

There were several reasons as to why we created the Executive Jury.
First off, never have so many Chief Creative Officers gathered in one room, on one jury to determine the industry’s best work.   In order to give our entrants the respect their work deserves, we decided to assemble the best jury possible, or as Donald Gunn, Founder of The Gunn Report, refers to it, the “Dream Team.”  Additionally, I think it’s important to avoid jury fatigue.  Having a two tier judging system allows us to accomplish that. The last thing an entrant wants is a judge who’s fatigued and distracted.  And finally, we firmly believe in the importance of discussion and debate.  A tremendous amount of time is dedicated to creating each campaign and it would be a disservice to our entrants to not provide the opportunity for the jury to discuss the work.

What steps does NYF take to eliminate scam ads?

First, we ask the industry not to enter it.  Advertising award shows aren’t designed to make you famous.  They are designed to honor and recognize innovative ideas and raise the bar in terms of creativity.  They’re designed to serve as a reminder that the long hours and weeks spent away from your family was worth it.  So entering scam is simply a waste of time and sign of disrespect to those around the world working in this industry.  However, in the event that one does submit “SCAM,” we have several opportunities for our jury to anonymously report any ad that is suspicious of being scam.  Once an item is flagged as spam, an immediate investigation occurs. Should we find an illegitimate ad, all of those credited with creating the ad are immediately banned from entering the New York Festivals Advertising Awards for the next 5 years.

In your opinion are we entering a new age in advertising and how will digital and technology continue to affect the future of advertising and in turn NYF and their categories?  

Aren’t we always entering a new age of advertising?  But yes, technology will continue to play a major part in the future of advertising because it seems to be creating new mediums every year.  It’s scary to think what advertising will look like in 50 years.  Potential category in 2072?  Best In-Dream Advertisement.

How does NYF offer a ROI for agencies, and are clients motivated by the awards that their agencies win?

We’ve remained dedicated to the idea that award winning ads should not only be celebrated, they should also be shared.  So long after trophies are presented, NYF is traveling the globe holding events that are dedicated to honoring the creative achievements of our winners. From online showcasing and in-flight entertainment screenings of our winners on major airlines, to gallery style exhibits and NYF Media Centers in universities around the world, NYF remains dedicated to showcasing our winners.



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