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2019 New York Festivals AME Awards open entries and Gayle Mandel: Newly Appointed Executive Director

AME Awards opened its 2019 competition with the recent appointment of Gayle Mandel to the role of Executive Director. With Mandel at the helm, AME’s launches this year with strategic updates including a consolidation and restructuring of current categories, new categories, and enhanced entry process guidelines making the submission process much more user-friendly.

Says Ellen Smyth, CEO of New York Festivals: "Gayle's dedication to detail coupled with her top-notch communication skills already utilized at NYF as director of media relations, in addition to her ability to identify opportunities for growth and her capacity to surpass expectations will provide NYF's Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness (AME) Awards with a strong leader."

Gayle Mandel  Executive Director NYF AME Awards (1).jpgSays Mandel (left): "I'm thrilled to be in this new role and part of the AME Awards' long-standing commitment to honoring advertising and marketing effectiveness. AME's 25-year heritage of celebrating boldly innovative campaigns created by some of the world's most accomplished advertising/marketing agency talent on behalf of prominent global brands makes being recognized in this esteemed competition an enviable achievement."
Categories added to AME's powerhouse roster in Products and Services include: Culture & The Arts, Beauty Products & Services, Digital Goods, Fitness & Wellness, Media & Entertainment, On-Demand Products & Services, Sports & Recreation, and Travel & Tourism.
Additional new categories unveiled include: Ambient, Activation & Engagement, Creative Partnerships, Creative Use of Technology, Gamification, Media & Entertainment, and Social Media/Influencer.
Creativity for Positive Impact, new for 2019, honors creative campaigns whose goal is to encourage social good and inspire beneficial behavior promoting positive change and awareness for causes, society, and the welfare of animals, and the environment. New categories include Emergency Relief and Collaboration/Partnerships.
Each year AME recruits award-winning industry executives, known globally for their innovative and strategic prowess to serve on the Grand Jury. Their mission-- to select those global campaigns that successfully demonstrate innovative solutions to challenging marketing problems that achieve measurable results. Multidisciplinary marketers, strategy directors, media planners, creative directors, and social media experts representing 5 regions from around the globe thoughtfully review all entries with global knowledge and perspective from the industry with attention to cultural and economic relevance.

The Grand Jury awards Gold, Silver, and Bronze to the highest scoring entries through two rounds of regional judging. AME's Green Award--the highest scoring, Gold-winning entry for a company whose emphasis is on resource conservation and protection of the environment is also selected in this round. Gold-winning work from all regions is then judged by the full international Grand Jury to determine a Platinum Award for each region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Asia Pacific) and the Best of Show. Jury selection has now begun for the 2019 Grand Jury.

The results of the jury are parsed in the annual AME Report, a three-tiered ranking report that honors and provides rankings within three separate categories: networks, agencies, and brands.

Says Mandel: "The prestige of being included on the AME Report solidifies an agency's position within the industry and secures their global reputation for delivering the most creative and measurably effective caliber of work."
Within the AME Report, the AME Brand Report recognizes innovative brands for their game-changing effective campaigns and the forward-thinking advertisers who approved these compelling campaigns.
In 2018 AME Awards Dentsu Jayme Syfu earned the AME Best of Show Award, Regional Platinum Award/Asia Pacific, and the AME Green Award for "Dead Whale" Greenpeace Philippines. Zulu Alpha Kilo Canada earned the AME Regional Platinum Award/North America for "Common Ground" Harley-Davidson Canada. Heimat Werbeagentur GmbH Germany was in the winner's circle earning the 2018 AME Regional Platinum Award/Europe for "A New Way of Thinking" Free Democrats. To view the 2018 AME Awards winner's showcase, please visit: HERE.
The deadline to enter the 2019 AME Awards competition is November 22, 2018. Entry details and additional information can be found on the AME website: HERE.

About the AME Awards® for Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness™: Founded in 1994, the AME Awards honors international work that demonstrates ground-breaking solutions to challenging marketing problems. To earn a coveted AME® Award, an entry must exhibit specific marketing goals and objectives accomplished through creative execution and strategic planning. Entries are judged by an international panel of top interactive and multidisciplinary marketers, media planners, strategy directors, social media experts, and creative directors.

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