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One of the world’s most respected creative thinkers, Mark Tutssel, has been appointed Grand Jury President at ADFEST 2019, which will be held at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group, Pattaya, Thailand from Wednesday 20th March to Saturday 23rd March.  He will lead the Branded Entertainment Lotus, Effective Lotus & Integrated Lotus panel as Jury President, and head the INNOVA Lotus and Lotus Roots panel as Grand Jury President.
Based in Chicago, Tutssel leads Leo Burnett globally as its Executive Chairman & Global Chief Creative Officer. Heis responsible for setting the company’s vision and oversees the creative output for some of the world’s iconic brands including Samsung, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and General Motors. 
“ADFEST is one of the industry's most respected industry events, a champion of creative excellence, and one of my favorite festivals. I’m especially looking forward to discovering work that celebrates the richness of cultures across the Asia Pacific and Middle East,” says Tutssel.
Jimmy Lam, President of ADFEST, says: “Under Mark’s leadership, Leo Burnett has been one of the world’s most consistently creative networks over the past decade. We are honored he has agreed to return to Thailand to lead our jury. His experience as a creative leader will ensure only the most creative and effective work rises to the top.”
Leo Burnett has topped the Gunn Report’s “All Gunns Blazing” category for seven of the past eight years. It has also ranked in the world’s Top 5 most awarded creative networks for 10 years in a row. In 2013, Tutssel introduced “Creativity Without Borders”, a game-changing vision for Leo Burnett that is now widely adopted and embraced by the network, which taps into creative talent from around the world to tackle global briefs.
Tutssel is one of the most awarded creative directors in the industry having won over 600 Cannes Lions, the first ever D&AD White Pencil, two D&AD Black Pencils and six Clio Grand Prix – to name just a few of his most prized accolades. He sits on the Publicis Communications Board, the Facebook Creative Council, the One Show Board of Directors, the D&AD Global Advisory Board, and is a member of the Royal Society of Arts.
ADFEST is a non-profit-making entity that believes passionately in its role to nurture and support the creative industry in the Asia Pacific and MENA region. With the theme “TMRRW.TDAY”, ADFEST 2019 will encourage the industry to experiment, throw out the old, start afresh, and create new values.
The Call To Entries for the ADFEST 2019 Lotus Awards will soon be announced. For the latest news and announcements, visit


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