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MARKETING MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE- Invitation to Enter Your Case Study




Yes, Marketing Can Make a World of Difference.

This initiative from The Internationalist and the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) enables marketers to learn more about programs that define new marketing thinking as they contribute to literally doing good, while creating deeper customer relationships, enhancing brand growth, and demonstrating the importance of the marketing function within the corporation.

Are you embracing this new way of marketing?

Do you have a case study that highlights a "World of Difference" marketing program? CLICK HERE to learn more or enter.


We're looking for programs that define new marketing thinking as they contribute to doing good-- perhaps even change the world a little, while transforming brand and consumer relationships and enhancing brand growth. As more companies embrace far-reaching, sustainable ideas that deeply connect with customers' passions and values, they are demonstrating true marketing innovation. These ideas actually now go beyond charitable giving, CSR, "green" initiatives, or even cause-related ventures.

These ideals are simply CENTRAL to new marketing principles.

Just answer these 8 defining questions, and provide supporting links, images or video examples of the program:

  1. Outline the marketing situation to which the program responded.
  2. Describe the critical insight or insights that became the foundation for the program.
  3. How was marketing's role central to this initiative?
  4. Tell us about key tactics employed and why they may be considered pioneering.
  5. How did the program impact people's lives or their quality of life?
  6. How did the program positively affect the brand or change attitudes toward the brand?
  7. Discuss how the success of the project and how it was measured. For example, did it engender brand growth, impact the bottom line, or create a new business model?
  8. Describe how this program may be a template for other markets or exemplify worldwide best practices.

We'll share the most inspiring and effective cases in a special Innovation Program for marketers on June 9 in New York City atop 3 Times Square.


Kieran Foley, Group Marketing Director of Ireland's Digicel, has effectively used marketing to profitably deliver mobile phone services and advanced connectivity in the poorest regions of the world. For many who must choose between spending on a meal or a phone call, Digicel has also enabled mobile devices to be sources for wage payment and basic spending when an individual does not have a bank account. The company's tremendous customer loyalty and great business success is due to empowering local communities by providing schools and sports programs for impoverished youngsters.


The fee to enter is USD $495 per entry.


Today's transparent social media environment has dramatically shifted the rules of "doing good business," and global marketing organizations are evolving to address new challenges and opportunities. The assumption of responsibility and the adoption of greater transparency are now critical to how any brand or business plays its proper role in society.

Yet, is a mix of charitable giving, CSR programs, and "green" initiatives enough for the demands of consumers in an Age of Transparency? More companies are embracing big, sustainable ideas that demonstrate true marketing innovation. Their goal is to deeply connect with their customers' passions and values. When done right, business growth is often a result, as is making a world of difference.

This new way of working truly represents a global revolution in marketing objectives and possibilities.

Marketing Makes A World of Difference- 2015 Inspirational Cases:

  • AT&T It Can Wait submitted by MEC (USA)
  • Bank of America, First AIDS-Free Generation submitted by Starcom MediaVest Group (USA)
  • Casa Caleb Real Characters submitted by OMD (Guatemala)
  • IBM People for Smarter Cities submitted by Ogilvy & Zooppa (Europe)
  • KNORR/Unilever, Learn, Cook & Donate submitted by Magna Global UAE (Egypt)
  • MasterCard International Stand Up to Cancer submitted by Carat (USA)
  • Rainforest Alliance Vital Signs submitted by The Guardian Labs (USA)
  • Renault #Crashtag submitted by MEC (Turkey)
  • Shell The Power of Sport submitted by MediaCom (Global)
  • Sony Music--Rachel Platten #MyFightSong (USA)
  • Target Eco Set (USA)
  • VLCC Global Balance Program-submitted by IKON Advertising (United Arab Emirates)


The ANA (Association of National Advertisers) provides leadership that advances marketing excellence and shapes the future of the industry. Founded in 1910, ANA's membership includes more than 690 companies with 10,000 brands that collectively spend over $250 billion in marketing and advertising. The ANA pursues "collaborative mastery" that advances the interests of marketers and promotes and protects the well-being of the marketing community.

The Internationalist focuses on the reinvention of marketing around the globe by connecting the people and ideas in international advertising, marketing and media through content, intelligence, thought leadership, community, collaboration and influence. Marketer driven, it has become a trusted source for international best practices, and is dedicated to the business needs and challenges of international marketing professionals as they participate in multinational brand building and aspire to world class standards. Originally created as a trade publication, The Internationalist connects a global audience through content and case studies in print, online and in-person-- through peer-to-peer marketer events including Dinners, Think Tanks, Awards and Summits- all to better serve the needs of this community.

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