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New York Festivals Announces 2015 World’s Best Advertising Winners

Marcel Paris Earns Best of Show, Intermarché Honored with Brand of the Year and BBDO Named Network of the Year

New York Festivals International Advertising Awards® competition announced the 2015 award-winners last night at the New York Show℠ gala  held at the renowned Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Frederick P. Rose Hall in New York City.  The annual event celebrating the World’s Best Advertising℠ kicked off with a cocktail reception followed by the standing-room only awards ceremony and after-party at Stone Rose Lounge to toast trophy-winners from around the globe. 

Marcel Paris was in the spotlight earning the coveted Best of Show Award for Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables” for client Intermarché. Simon Dumenco, editorial director, Advertising Age presented the trophy. The award-winning integrated campaign celebrated imperfect fruits and vegetables while demonstrating the company’s motto “united against expensive life.” Consumers were urged to buy ugly looking produce that is not only good for their wallets, but good for the entire planet. Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables” also earned a spectacular 3 Grand Prize Awards, 2 First Prize Awards, 2 Second Prize Awards, 1 Third Prize Award, and a single Finalist Award.

Julien Benmoussa, Directeur de Création, Marcel Paris said, “We are very proud to receive the honor of the New York Festivals Best of Show Award, and that a sustainable campaign like the “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables” succeeded to reach a large audience and, mostly important, launched a new category of products in supermarkets followed by our main competitors.” 

Intermarché, the commercial French supermarket, was honored with the New York Festivals 2015 Brand of the Year Award for their commitment to creativity and innovation. Intermarché earned the prestigious 2015 Best of Show Award; as well as 3 Grand Prize Awards; 2 First Prize Awards; 2 Second Prize Awards; 1 Third Prize Award; and 1 Finalist Award.

BBDO was recognized with the title of 2015 Network of the Year for the third year in a row. The award is presented to the agency network that achieves the most awards and produces the finest caliber of work. In total, 24 global offices earned 2 Grand Prize Awards, 5 First Prize Awards, 8 Second Prize Awards, 29 Third Prize Awards, and 110 Finalist Awards. In addition, the network was honored with 4 UNDPI Finalist Awards.

The Regional Agency of the Year Award is awarded to an advertising agency that earns the highest score for entries in all competitions across all mediums.  This year’s Regional Agency of the Year Awards salute the following agencies: Europe - Marcel Paris, France; North America - Leo Burnett Toronto, Canada; South America - AlmapBBDO Publicidade e Comunicação LTDA, São Paulo, Brazil; Asia Pacific - WhybinTBWA Group Melbourne, Australia; and Middle East/Africa - FCB South Africa (Pty) Ltd – Johannesburg, South Africa.

Revolver/Will O'Rourke, Australia was honored with the title of 2015 Production Company of the Year. The Film Production Company of the Year Award is based on total points scored, irrespective of whether these have been entered by the production company, advertising agency, or another third party. Entries produced by Revolver/Will O'Rourke earned 1 Grand Prize Award, 3 First Prize Awards, 2 Second Prize Awards, 2 Third Prize Awards and 9 Finalist Awards.

The 2015 Executive Jury awarded the following prominent agencies with Grand Prize Awards:

Marcel Paris, France earned 3 Grand Prize Awards for “Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables” for Intermarche.

FCB South Africa (Pty) Ltd earned 2 Grand Prize Awards for “A rainbow for the Rainbow Nation” for Coca-Cola South Africa / Coca-Cola. 

Leo Burnett Toronto, Chicago, London/Holler“for #LikeAGirl” for Procter & Gamble / Always.

AKQA, United Kingdom and Shanghai for “House of Mamba” for Nike.

Factory, United Kingdom for “The Other Side” for Honda.

Wieden & Kennedy, USA for “Pick Them Back Up” for Proctor & Gamble.

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, United Kingdom for “1914” for Sainsbury Supermarket.

Herezie Paris, France “The Beauty of Sharpness” for Zwilling J. A. Henckels / Miyabi.

WhybinTBWA Group Melbourne, Australia “ANZ GAYTMs” for ANZ.

GGH Lowe GmbH, Grabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbH, Germany “Nazis against Nazis - Germany's most involuntary charity walk” for ZDK Gesellschaft Demokratische Kultur GmbH.

Sancho BBDO, Colombia “Radiometries” for Exito Foundation.

Each year, New York Festivals, in partnership with the United Nations Department of Public Information, appoints a UN panel to select public service work that exemplifies the aims and ideals of the United Nations. The 2015 UNDPI Jury honored the following entries: HS Ad, South Korea “DAYCON - Notification Icons for International Days” LG Electronics Inc / LG Mobile earned UNDPI First Prize Award; J. Walter Thompson Riyadh, Saudi Arabia “The Biggest Art Gallery In The World” Arabian contracting services (AL Arabia) earned the UNDPI Second Prize Award; and Lowe China “Human Traffic Sign” Shanghai General Motors/Buick was honored with the UNDPI Third Prize Award. 

The 2015 International Advertising Awards competition received entries from 89 countries around the globe. The Executive Jury, comprised of 28 of the most awarded Chief Creative Officers, selected this year’s winning entries through 5 rounds of live judging from a Shortlist that was chosen by NYF’s Grand Jury comprised of 350 members from 60 countries. The Executive Jury awarded the Best in Show Award,  14 Grand Prize Awards, 50 First Prize Awards, 77 Second Prize, 224 Third Prize, and 933 Finalist Awards. To view a showcase of this year’s award-winning work click: HERE.

New York Festivals is recognized worldwide as a touchstone for global creative excellence in advertising and marketing communications.

VietnamMarcom is the country representative of NYF and IAG

All press inquiries are welcome and should be directed to Gayle Mandel:  Ph: 1 212 643 4800

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