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2015 New York Festivals International Advertising Awards Showcase

New York, NY – April 27, 2015: The city of Yeoju, South Korea will host a creative showcase featuring New York Festivals International Advertising Awards® trophy-winning work on July 1st-3rd at New York Festivals Asia. The three-day New York Festivals® event will feature a creative showcase of the 2015 competition, workshops, exhibits, keynote speakers, and a special recognition ceremony honoring NYF’s 2015 award-winners from Korea and Asia.

Over 13,000 people are expected to attend the event, in addition to advertising and creative professionals from Asia-Pacific; festival organizers expect attendees from Greater China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Russia.

Michael O’Rourke, New York Festivals president participated in a formal signing ceremony in Seoul on March 23rd commemorating the upcoming event in Yeoju.  Mr. O’Rourke joined Yeoju City mayor, Won Kyeong-hei and other prominent executives at Seoul Korea’s Press Center to officially confirm NYF’s involvement and Yeoju City’s commitment to host the World’s Best Advertising® creative showcase.

The agreement between Yeoju City and New York Festivals exemplifies the importance of the Asia-Pacific market to New York Festivals and the increase in Korean-Brand power around the globe, while attracting the advertising and creative industry executives to Yeoju City.”

Yeoju City mayor, Won Kyeong-hei commented at the March 23rd ceremony, “From this moment, Yeoju City, creative-minded King Sejong’s city, is about to open a new era in the history of Yeoju.”

Mr. O’Rourke said, “I want to say how honored and excited we are to have this opportunity to work in and alongside the city of Yeoju to create New York Festivals Asia. We’re here today to make this announcement and begin what we all feel will be an exciting and prosperous relationship, creating an opportunity to bring together people from all over the world to celebrate creativity… in a wonderful city that fosters the arts and offers an unforgettable visitors experience.”

New York Festivals in Yeoju 2015 will include two sessions. The New York Festivals session will celebrate global creative excellence in advertising and marketing communications and the Korea-Brand session will include K-Brand seminars, K-Pop performances and Hanbok Fashion Show. The Yeoju-Sejong Creative Awards will also recognize 16 Asians for their creative contribution to society in various fields.

All festival events will be held at the Sun Valley Hotel, Yeoju City’s Sejong Traditional Music Hall, Yeoju Dojasesang, Yeoju Women’s Hall and other event venues. 

New York Festivals is recognized worldwide as a touchstone for global creative excellence in advertising and marketing communications.


New York Festivals will host the 2015 New York Show℠ creative panel discussions showcase, and networking events on Thursday May 21st at NYIT Auditorium on Broadway in New York City. The New York Show gala cocktail party, awards ceremony will be held that evening at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Frederick P. Rose Hall, Broadway at 60th Street, New York City.  A celebratory after-party will be held at Stone Rose Lounge, on the 4th floor of Time Warner Center, to toast all the winners of the World’s Best Advertising. To attend the May 21st New York Show please click Here and use Code PR2015 for a 15% ticket discount.

All press inquiries are welcome and should be directed to Gayle Mandel:  Ph: 1 212 643 4800

About International Awards Group, LLC

International Awards Group, LLC organizes Advertising & Programming Competitions for the following brands:

AME Awards World's Best Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness
The Global Awards World's Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising
Midas Awards World's Best Financial Advertising
New York Festivals World's Best Advertising
New York Festivals World's Best Radio Programs
New York Festivals World's Best TV & Films

Entries to each of the competitions are judged around the world by panels of peers in their respective industries. For more information, go to

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