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 Tin Chuyên Ngành

VietnamMarcom đồng hành cùng Search Engine Marketing Workshop, May '13, Jakarta/Singapore/Hong Kong



Do you want to increase your rankings and take advantage of hidden SEM opportunities?

Do you know how to translate conversation and engagement into conversion and advocacy?

Are your clients waiting for you to give them the next silver bullet in SEM?

This highly interactive hands-on workshop will provide you with the foundation, techniques and high-level strategies to integrate your marketing communications across the three screens (desktop, mobile, tablet), among the local and global social media spheres and in paid, owned and earned media channels.

Unique Features

  • Tested & market-proven must-have integrated marketing techniques for APAC audiences

  • Exclusive 2013 engagement strategies in SEM & social media

  • Hands-on campaign building for desktop, tablet & mobile to immediately increase engagement, conversion & advocacy

  • Case studies from leading brands including British Airways, The Body Shop, Unilever's Ayo Indonesia Bisa, Cathay Pacific, Changi Airport, Singtel mioTV, Malaysia Airlines etc., highlighting the dos & don'ts

  • Interactive & experiential workshop style, deploy-as-you-learn strategies & techniques


    Led By: Aryeh Sternberg, Management Board Member,, APAC

                                                 Client Service Director, MCreate   

  • Recognised SEM leader in APAC with over 18 years in online, mobile, social & search marketing

  • Launched & built groundbreaking SEM campaigns for GroupM Interaction in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore & Malaysia

  • Provided groundbreaking integrated SEM & social media strategies for multinational & Fortune 500 companies including Unilever, P&G, Ford, Castrol, Jaguar, Lenovo, Samsung, Nokia, Everlast, Coca-Cola & many more

Benefits of Attending

  • Be the first to acquire the newest integrated SEM & social strategies

  • Experience tried & tested case studies across APAC to apply to your business

  • Appraise how Google, Bing, Yahoo & other key search engines are being used across APAC

  • Establish best in class social graph evaluation & deployment skills to know your audience better than your competitors

  • Devise strategies to identify & maximise opportunities to work with social endorsers & influencers

  • Optimise SEM & social media marketing among multiple audiences in different locations

  • Study attribution models beyond traditional SEM to regain lost conversion

  • Analyse how your media mix (SEO, PPC, display ads, etc.) contribute to your campaigns

  • Zero in on the best SEM-focused paid-owned-earned integrated media mix to create unbeatable mixed media strategy

  • Control & optimise ROI using dynamic intelligence tools to increase your potential revenues while decreasing costs

  • Demystify the confusion around when to & when not to use organic & paid search & social media

  • Move beyond mobile & explore how the tablet is changing the way consumers consume thereby capturing more spends where consumers are purchasing

Detailed Programme & Fee, Please visit:

To Register, please visit   

Additional 10% discount for groups of 3 or more!


For enquiries or registration, please contact 




Ms. Mavis Foo

Tel: (65) 6592 7367











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