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VietnamMarcom là Đối tác truyền thông đồng hành cùng Hội nghị Xuất bản Châu Á (APC) 2013

Sau sự kiện Hội nghị Xuất bản Châu Á (Asian Publishing Convetion - APC) diễn ra vào tháng 12/2012 tại Kuala Lumbur, Malaysia thành công tốt đẹp, số lượng Đại biểu tham dự khá đông, đến từ 14 Quốc gia trên toàn Thế giới. Bước qua năm 2013, VietnamMarcom tiếp tục trở thành Đối tác truyền thông đồng hành cùng Asian Publishing Convetion lần thứ 7 tại Manila, Philippines.


Update #3
for Partners and Sponsors
As of April 2, 2013




1. APC 2013 at the Mandarin Oriental, Manila

2. The Pitch

3. What the APC Bootcamp is about

4. Our Community

5. APC Network of Sponsors and Partners

6. APC Content Marketplace

7. Event Status

8. Other Items


I. Conference Hotel Finalized!

The 7th Asian Publishing Convention will be on July 11 & 12, 2013 at MANDARIN ORIENTAL HOTEL in Manila, Philippines.

The 2013 convention has the theme:
2-day Crash Course on NEW Digital basics
Boot camp for editors, publishers & freelancers:
Get it right or PERISH!

The event will run for two information-packed days with the focus on the new Bootcamp format of intensive, hands-on, practical sessions.

a) Practical ‘How to’ practice, cutting through the fog of technobabble;
b) Successful digital transition publishers share learnings;
c) Digital/Mobile advertising gurus show how multiple channel strategies work;
d) Advertisers unveil their digital engagement strategies with consumers;
e) Tech Solutions providers show how publishers can leverage multimedia.

To view the tentative agenda of APC 2013, please click here.


II. The Pitch

The Pitch is a special session during the plenary on the second day of APC. We are inviting sponsors, partners, publishers and individuals within companies to pitch their Best Digital Business Idea.

This is open to any combination of social, online and mobile platforms. Think Digital and exploit interactivity, alerts, databases, payment gateways and realtime information. This will be an exciting learning experience for publishers attending APC!

Interested? Please click here to view the mechanics.


III. Bootcamp at APC 2013

          This is a disciplined coaching method which engages delegates fully to develop solutions to specific industry challenges. The Bootcamp leader briefs delegates on the specific topic with interactive discussion.

A challenge is set for the class. Breakout groups develop and present their solutions. The Bootcamp leader reviews the solutions with class participation. The delegates vote the best solution. The winning group will be presented with a certificate.

Please click here to view APC initial Bootcamp and Plenary topics.


IV. Our expanding community

       Welcome to the publishing community! All are in Progress!

  1. Publishing Directory Asia – ARE YOU LISTED? we have setup a directory, listing publications and publishing companies in Asia-Pacific, To date 806 publishers and 1,958 publications are listed and it is ongoing. To get listed, email us at
  2. Blog – You can start your own blog with us! Visit to create a blog on the APC website. You can send us your blog posts, articles or reviews, and we’ll be happy to post them for you. Of course, we’ll inform you as soon as your post is uploaded so that you can also share it with your contacts. J
  3. Publishing Jobs Portal – We have started a publishing jobs portal –  The portal includes online lists of job postings regarding the publishing industry that are categorized by country and by industry. It’s a work in progress..but visit anyway!


V. APC Network of Sponsors and Partners

We would like to thank our sponsors and partners who are helping us to make APC possible! To view the full list, please click here.


VI. APC Content Marketplace

Visit the three suites at APC 2013!

A.   Publishing Suite (for book/magazine publishers)

B.   Freelance Café (for the freelancers)

C.   Digi Center (for digital solutions providers)

To know more about APC Content Marketplace, please click here.


VII. Event Status

Delegates Status

82 delegates confirmed! We expect 200 participants this year. See you all J

Program Status

Check out the list of topics. Please click here.

Check out the list of speakers. Please click here.

Check out speakers and moderators FAQs. Please click here.

Awards Status

For Asian Publishing Awards 2013, there is an entry fee of US$100 for the first entry from a publishing company and $50 for each subsequent entry. A company will get ONE FREE ENTRY for every delegate they send –provided the delegate is registered prior to or at the same time as the award is entered. Those who send two or three delegates to APC, and likewise enter in a few categories, will not need to pay anything extra. 

Likewise companies which upload articles to the Editors Content Hub get ONE free entry for every 100 articles uploaded

There are 19 categories. In each category there is usually one winner, called “WINNER - GOLD AWARD”. There are one to three excellence awards which we will call: “WINNER - EXCELLENCE AWARD”. Please click here for the categories, criteria and entry forms.


VIII. Other Items

Hotel Updates
Special rates have been secured at Mandarin Oriental Hotel for official conference participants and fully-registered APC delegates. You may reserve your room/s in Manila as early as now. Please see below the rates of Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Conference Hotel)

USD equivalents are approximates

Room Type

Special Room Rates

Superior Single

Php4,400 nett OR USD107

Superior Twin

Php5,400 nett OR USD132

-Rates include buffet breakfast

-Internet Connection is available at approx USD12

-Higher Room Categories Available. Please advise the Secretariat

We have also arranged for a variety of choices / alternative hotels 10 to 15 minutes walking distance from Mandarin Oriental Hotel. These are NOT the Waldorf Astoria – but clean and safe.


Citadel Inn Makati (10 mins. walk)

Room Type

Special Room Rates

Standard Single

Php1,700 nett OR USD41

Standard Twin

Php1,800 nett OR USD44

-Rates include set breakfast

-Internet Connection is available at approx USD 4

Great Eastern Hotel (15 mins. walk)

Room Type

Special Room Rates

Superior Single

Php1,703 nett OR USD42

Superior Twin

Php1,906 nett OR USD46

-Rates include buffet breakfast

-Internet Connection is available ONLY at the lobby area, Free

Book your hotel rooms NOW … or you might not get a room of your choice. OK?!! cid:image008.gif@01CE2FD4.F2CE1F50 Please contact Efren Soliman, Delegate Services Coordinator 2 at

FAQs Anyone?
Please click here
Speakers and Moderators: Please click here
Content Marketplace: Please click here
Delegate: Please click here

The tired and hard working APC team is in good spirits and (almost) ready, are YOU? We’re glad you’re on board. Are you? Thank you.



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