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 Tin Chuyên Ngành

VietnamMarcom đồng hành cùng Social Media & PR Conference tại Hong Kong và Singapore

Social Media & PR Conference

4 – 5 March 2013, Hong Kong

7 – 8 March 2013, Singapore

This 2-day interactive conference will equip the delegates with the know-how to buid a riveting online presence using PR and marketing practices. You will examine successful case studies like Intel, Dell, Lenovo, BT, Philips, Google, Goldcorp Inc., OhmyNews (South Korea) and CNN to develop your arsenal of skills in content strategy, crowd sourcing, mobile-social, new media relations and more to create a holistic brand community. At the end of the day, pick up actionable steps in forming a strong foundation for your campaigns by gleaning insights from solid metrics.

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