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The modernisation of Vietnam’s retail environment has opened up many opportunities for foreign companies to penetrate into this lucrative market. Faced with greater competition, home grown Vietnam brands are also looking at strengthening their foothold in the local market. Coupled with the rise in Vietnamese’s affluence and discerning power, retaining loyal consumers has never been more difficult.


It is imperative for companies to INVEST in marketing and establish a VISIBLE brand presence. However, in current difficult times, companies may face a greater challenge in reaching consumers effectively with a tightened budget. Hence there is an urgent need to adopt the right TARGETED marketing strategies for your company or risk getting left behind.


Are you in touch with the LATEST Vietnamese consumer trends and outlook?

How can you INTEGRATE different aspects of marketing in your campaign to project a CONSISTENT brand image?


Key Learnings Illustrated with Successful Case Studies on:


Programme Highlights

• Mindset, changing expectations, purchasing power & spending habits of Vietnamese consumers

• Vietnam’s retail outlook post January 2009

• Readying your brand identity for the global marketplace

• Latest developments in social media

• Proven digital campaigns to reach YOUTH

• Prospects of integrating mobile phones in your marketing strategies

• Cost-effective marketing to boost sales

• Experiential marketing to engage consumers

• Building consumer loyalty to retain Vietnamese consumers

• Corporate blogging as a marketing tool


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Conference Fee :

 US$395 (register and pay before 27 Feb 2009)

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For conference enquiries , please contact: Ms. Rena Lin

Tel: (65) 6372 2202 or Fax: (65) 6227 1601

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Tel: (65) 6372 2309 or Fax: (65) 6227 1601

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  6. Digital Marketing 2.0 , 6 - 8 Apr 09, Singapore
  7. Corporate Image & Branding , 13 - 14 Apr 2009, Singapore
  8. Measuring Marketing Effectiveness Workshop , 20 - 21 Apr 2009, Hong Kong & 23 - 24 Apr 2009, Singapore
  9. Fraud Risk Management Workshop , 20 - 21 Apr 2009, Singapore & 23 - 24 Apr 2009, Hong Kong 

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