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 Chinese Garden

  • Be in harmony with nature at the Chinese Garden

    Conjure up the spirit of ancient China with a visit to the serene Chinese Garden. Modelled on the northern Chinese imperial style of landscaping and architecture, the garden was designed by renowned Taiwanese architect Yuen-Chen Yu.

    Rising from the cultivated gardens are majestic pagodas, built to integrate and to be in harmony with the natural environment. Soak up the tranquility as you stroll along the meandering footpaths and take in the beauty of the woven plants, rocks and gentle stream.

    A must-see is the Suzhou-style Bonsai Garden, built using 1,000 bonsai trees imported from China. You can also learn the ancient art of tending to the delicate bonsai at the Bonsai Training Centre. The gardens are connected to the nearby Japanese Garden by the “Pai Hung Ch'iao” or “White Rainbow Bridge”, built in the style of the 17-Arch Bridge at the Summer Palace in Beijing.



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