Chairman & CEO WorldLine Technology

My life purpose is to build a Wisdom & Happiness community. This community is our organisation or a network of the organisation…and a network of the human. We believe that the world needs more Happiness than Money We believe that we need to connect with our self, build happiness relationship, and connect with nature & earth…Happiness Now is the ending of human life’s purpose. Where a human can live a Happiness life. We live for the higher purpose than work just to grow the economy. We live for the better inside every day. and Work just like an opportunity to practice our mindfulness & well-being in every second in our life. a daily dreamer – entrepreneur producer. inspiring people – thinker – people development. visionary – creative – strategic thinking.

  • 13 years Experienced in Entrepreneur (Start-Up & Marketing Agency Life & Technology)
  • Experienced work with MNC
  • Applying Technology for Marketing. Development new business Marketing.

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